by Leslie Chandler

Something artfully prophetic happened today. 

I have this close friend, maybe we see each other once every few years. But every time we get together, it gives a whole new dimension to the knowledge that we are sisters in Christ and that there is so much more to our friendship than what we would be able to describe to most people because it goes beyond...well, earth. Because of our shared love for Jesus Christ, we have a way of connecting that is three-way, very spiritual, and something I would have a very difficult time explaining to people who don't yet know Jesus.

So, what does all this have to do with an art-related blog? My friend, whom I'll call Kath (not her real name) recently experienced a family tragedy. Her son and his wife, already parents to two beautiful, healthy children, lost their third child mere days after the due date. The baby was born over 9 lbs, 22 inches in length, and they still do not have any idea why she was stillborn. 

Kath and I have always also shared a love for art, and I have always appreciated her prophetic insights, which is actually a huge reason I have decided to pursue artistic endeavours in my own life. About a week ago, she contacted me with a broken heart, asked if she could come over for some art therapy, and when she explained why, of course I said yes! 

Now, for over three years, I have had an air-dry clay sculpture sitting around my house that I made. It is the only one I have ever done at home, and I have never made anything like it before or since. It is a mother tenderly holding her baby. About a week before Kath got in touch with me, for reasons unknown to me at the time, after so many years I decided it was time to paint it white and varnish it. It was done.

The Reveal

Then Kath arrived today at my house, saying she had something to show me. She opened up a small box and pulled out an air-dry sculpture she had just made... of a mother tenderly holding her baby. 

You cannot even begin to imagine our speechless reactions when I then placed my air-dry sculpture beside hers and we both just stared at what we were looking at in awe. I told her that mine had been in my house for years, moved from place to place, quietly and patiently waiting for a "home." I am the grandmother of 3, and yet it still remained with me. (Odd, since I often give things like this away.)

It is only when the scales fall from our eyes that we see as Jesus would see, not as the world sees. This spiritual eyesight is a total paradigm shift. It is how we experience and recognize God's love for each of us, and his plans for our lives, however long or short, even before we are born.

Oh! How he loves us!