Difference and Creativity

There is a fine balance between fitting in (because you share things in common) and standing out (because you don’t). My husband recognizes this in me and often lovingly refers to me as “quirky.” Yet, in the same breath he reminds me not to tell jokes in public. He’s right: my jokes bomb. My most disastrous jokes make him laugh. Not exactly the outcome I’d hoped for, but a laugh is a laugh and I’ll take it!

I realize I am not alone and that there is something to be said for quirky and creative people like me. There seem to be many ways to describe creative thinkers: those with “open minds” who think “outside the box.” Left-handers are often thought to be generally more creative. (I happen to be left-handed.) Society needs such creative people now, more than ever. In the corporate world, creative minds are sought after because although knowledge can be gained through education, creativity is what gives that unexpected edge. When a company wishes to stand out from their competition, they are more likely to hire people who can demonstrate creativity. I kind of like quirky people.

In my own life, I have found it hard to accept people’s comments about my own creativity as anything other than kindnesses, rather than genuine responses to my artwork. I am beginning to accept that maybe being creative is a tangible asset, even though sometimes I get the feeling that others look at me and wonder “What was she thinking?” or “What’s she doing now?” That’s okay. Actually, it’s kind of amusing. But this balance can be kind of tricky for a person like me who loves people and enjoys fitting in as much as I enjoy expressing my unique experience of the world around me through my art. I hope what I create brings positivity into others’ lives.

I really value everyone’s honest responses to what I create. Not only do you give me another perspective on what I have interpreted, but you continually spark my imagination and inspire me to try something new.

Actually, different is just another word for unique. And I suppose that makes us all members of the same club because isn’t that just what we all are anyway?


We're All Nuts